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At Benson's Building Supply we offer a wide variety of services that a contractor or the general public have access to.

Our expert staff is skilled and educated in the latest products on the market as well as tried and true experience that allows us to be able to assist you with what ever you need, whether you are an experienced contractor or a weekend warrior.

Come in and visit our showroom, where you can get a real understanding of the quality and look of individual products. Our store is also well stocked with a wide variety of products for most every construction need.

New!-Roof Plans from Arial Imagery

24 hour turn around - Once an order has been placed, the report will be emailed back within 24 hours.
Complete list of measurements - Roof face areas, pitch of each roof section, edge lengths, rakes, hips, eves, step and apron flashings and obstructions.

Ease of Use: All you have to do is give us an address and we can request the report. (If the house does not come up on Google Maps, or if there are to many trees, they might not be able to do the report.)

Benson's Building offers complete estimates

Complete Estimates ~ Roof Take-Offs

Benson's Building Supply offers complete estimates on your next construction projects, materials and supplies, as well as delivery. With Roof take-offs, all you have to do is provide us with a blueprint or drawing of your roof and we will generate a complete materials list for you.

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Benson's Building offers lumber packages

Lumber Packages

Benson's Building Supply offers a full lumber yard. Whether you need a few 2x4's to build a shelf in your garage, or a full truck of lumber delivered to your job site to build a garage, we can handle any size order.

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Benson's Building offers lumber packages

Residential Seamless Gutters

Benson's Building Supply has a coil machine that will produce any length of gutter in almost any color you can imagine. Seamless gutters provide a nice clean look to your home as well as reduce leak points which could cause water damage.

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Benson's Building offers lumber packages

Windows and Doors

Benson's Building Supply's staff is well trained to be able to fit any person with the perfect window or door for their construction need. Come in today and talk to one of our associates about your window and door needs.

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Benson's Building offers lumber packages

Roof Top Delivery

Benson's is able to deliver your order of shingles and roofing materials right on top of your roof, so you save trips up and down the ladder, and you save your back. Our long reach boom arms allow us to reach high roof tops, while avoiding property damage.

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Benson's Building offers lumber packages

Propane Filling Station

Benson's Building Supply offers propane filling stations at both of our locations. We can fill most any size tank you can bring us, as well as inspect your tank and let you know when your tank is out of date and needs to be replaced.

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Benson's Building offers lumber packages

Atticat Machine Rentals

If your home is drafty and cold, you may need better insulation. Blown-in insulation is affordable and very efficient with keeping your home warm in cold months and cool in the hot summer months. Benson's Building Supply has Atticat Machines available for rent.

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